• Automotive
  • Motorsport
  • Liquid Cooled Computing
  • Industrial Systems
  • Eco Impact

Addresses Heat Transfer

Better than standard water/glycol liquids

Overcome Thermal Limits to performance


High Performance Environments

Rising the Thermal Limits

Same Output with Smaller Radiator

Liquid Cooled Computing

Pushing the Limits

Substituted for Standard Coolant

Running at High Capacity

Industrial Systems

Thermal management of large systems

Lifting the Thermal Limitations of HVDC systems,

Heat Management for Radar

Eco Impact

Improves Heat Transfer

Less Energy Loss

Thermal Return for Ground Heat Systems

Thermal Limitations for Solar performance

Efficient Storage Solutions

About FlexeGRAPH

Our Vision: To be the “Intel Inside” of cooling fluids for mechanical systems.


  • FlexeGRAPH creates Nanofluids that break existing thermal barriers for performance.
  • Our nanofluids allows customers to Improve performance by exceeding the thermal limits of current systems.
  • This means a more efficient system, and ultimiately reduced cost.